Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use Talie?

Talie is a flagship product which help HR/Talent Acquisition Leaders, Business Magnets, Trainers and Mentors to speed up their decision making process thereby reducing the time & cost involved.

Why should I use Talie?

Talie gives instant access to a catalogue of information and findings which initiates deliver result oriented outcome for the business organization.

How different is Talie from other Market Intelligence platforms?

Most of the products in the market provides data which are ideal and not practical. There happens to be an obhious gap between the top level management and people on the shop floor. Talie sources with data which is realistic, acceptable and practical so that every member in the team is in sync with each other and common goals can be achieved. It not only provides you with the findings but also specifically points to the recommendations.

Where can I see a demo of Talie?

A demo of the product is available at

How do I get to understand the nature and structure of the report?

No data or report should be believed until & unless you get a glimpse of the same. Talie gives you an option to get a brief of the same in the form of pdf and flipbook.

What is Han Digital Group's relationship with Talie?

Han Digital Solution is the group company which is behind the success and launch of Talie. They are responsible for the overall development, data inputs, research findings and inferences of Talie. To know more about Han Digital Solution and ResearchFox Consulting please visit: HanDigital or ResearchFox

How can I get in touch with the Talie team for general & business enquiries?

You can let us know about any kind of enquiries by writing to

How much does Talie cost?

Talie has several versions of data which are both comprehensive and concise. Depending on your need, you can select a mode of pricing which can accomplish your reason for search. There are pricing models which gives you access to a particular data point whereas others help you understand the overall scenerio at a macro level.

How can I make payments in Talie?

You can pay online through PayU payment gateway either through your credit or debit card as per your convenience.

Who We Are

Success....It's a Mind Game

Talie4 is a Software Mapper tool which helps the recruitment firms to run their business in a much smarter and faster way. Using this tool managers can keep track of its employees and have a close eye on fulfilling their clients requirements.

It is our understanding of technology and business adequately that keeps us committed to delivering first-rate recruitment and consulting solutions. Our experts are believers and dreamers, and keep a rich experience to their fame. Talie4 delivers not just expertise and best practices, but believes firmly in customer delight.


  • » Cumulative recruitment consulting experience of 60 years and software development experience of 100 years which make us unique and excite our customers
  • » Proven success in working with Product MNCs, Start ups & Indian companies
  • » Experience across talent acquisition advisory & delivery
  • » Market research aided recruitment process model